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Charlotte and Clyde are Adopted!

Charlotte Clyde John DSC_0198w64Charlotte and Clyde are adopted – together!  We were so hoping to keep this pair of GSPs together, and John and Anna came along at just the right time!  They were looking for two dogs and a bonded pair was just perfect for them – which turned out to be just perfect for Charlotte and Clyde.  Both John and Anna, and their extended family, were all very excited to welcome Charlotte and Clyde – and we feel confident this will finally be a forever home for these sweet dogs.

John wrote to let us know, “The dogs are doing great! They’re spoiled rotten and loving it. We have a baseball field close by that’s fenced in so we try to get them over there for a good run everyday…Clyde has been testing boundaries a bit, but Anna has been keeping him in line. Both dogs are very well behaved though. They’re both starting to relax and get comfortable in their new home. ”

Thank you John and Anna for keeping this pair together and giving them just what they needed!


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