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Chase Has A History

Chase Instagram (2)Often, we get dogs from shelters with no history – no way of knowing what life was like before. In the case of dogs like Chase, it is a particular challenge to figure out why he might have been given up and what, if any, special skills his new adopter should have. It’s a challenge because he has been nothing but sweet and affectionate with our volunteers. It is cases like this where GSP Rescue likes to use a very scarce and precious resource of ours – a foster home. For Chase, his foster mom, Rayana, has made a huge difference for him! She has let us know that he just needs an owner who will be consistent and be his leader – nothing extreme, just practicing things like sitting and waiting for his dinner, sitting and waiting to be invited out the door, etc. ┬áChase seems to be very comfortable and very responsive to having a “mom” or “dad” that engages and communicates with him and he responds to that by being such a good and sweet boy!

He has been very affectionate with strangers he meets on his many outings with Rayana, and is adored by her friends and visitors. He seems to just LOVE little dogs too! He often engages these small dogs, such as her min pin and friends’ chihuahuas in play, which must be quite a sight! We also now know that he is just fine being left home alone when needed (of course, ┬álike any GSP, would far prefer to be included in the outing!) We know he is just as playful as any puppy and learns commands (or maybe re-learns them?) quite quickly. He is also great about sharing toys with his foster brother, the min-pin.

Thanks to a foster parent, taking in a dog with an uncertain history, we now have a “history” to give an adopter! Chase is ready for his new home!

Learn more about Chase here.

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