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Chesters Broken Leg – 6 Years Later

ChesterWith the number of GSP’s with broken legs recently we thought you might enjoy an update on one of our former dogs that came to us with a broken leg.

Chester had been hit by a car and had a broken back leg.  Once Chester had surgery and was ready to become available for adoption, Dirk and Hanne met Chester when they came out with their daughter who was adopting Hedi.  One week later, they came back themselves to adopt Chester….that was 6 years ago and Chester is now 9.

They recently visited us when their daughter was adopting a second dog.  While Dirk and Hanne can tell that Chester still has a slight gimp, it is undetectable to most people that see Chester run, play and explore.  However, this did come with work for Dirk and Hanne.

Dirk and Hanne followed the advice of their vet and canine chiropractor to help rehabilitate Chester.  They spent time walking him in sand and uphill to get him to use BOTH hind legs. They put a contraption advised by their canine chiropractor on Chester’s “good” back leg to force him to use the other leg. They used this for short walks extending to longer walks as he got used to it.  They carefully did leg stretches and massages on both back legs for Chester.

We would always advise you to only take action under the care of your vet or canine chiropractor, but thought it is important for you to see the progress a dog with a broken leg can make with proper care.

You can see a glimpse from this picture that Chester is not held back in any way by the original leg injury.  With Dirk and Hanne as well as a good canine chiropractor, Chester has gone on to lead the life of any active athletic GSP.

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