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Cheyenne is Adopted!

Cheyenne adopted GSP Mix dog petCheyenne is a GSP Mix that was rescued from a local shelter. California GSP Rescue knows that when adult GSP’s show up at the shelter, they receive little attention from potential adopters who mostly visit the shelter looking for younger dogs. The situation is worse for the Mixes. Even with the beautiful photograph taken by local photographer Kelly Vela who donates her professional services to shelters photographing dogs in need of homes didn’t grab the attention of any potential adopters. When Cheyenne’s holding period was up, her remaining time would be based on how much space was needed for the incoming dogs. With dogs arriving daily, there wouldn’t be much time.

Once Cheyenne arrived at the Rescue, we noted her calm mellow behavior as well and she got along with most, if not all, of the dogs she met. She was responsive but would need some training – it was quickly noticed she would bolt out gates and doors if nothing more than to explore the immediate area outside the opening. We also noticed that her roan coat was tricolor and she had long floppy ears leading us to believe there might be some hound in her.

While we were making these observations and posting them to our website, Karen, a formerĀ  adopter, had taken notice of her. When Karen inquired about Cheyenne, she wanted to know if she got along with little dogs as Karen had rescued two since adopting her GSP, Cosmo from California GSP Rescue. While Cheyenne had done well with big dogs, we were unaware how she might do with little dogs although, given her demeanor, we suspected she would do well. Not wanting to take any chances, she was socialized with some yippy little dogs that bark as if they are considerably larger than Cheyenne. Cheyenne was unfazed and, after a short time, the little dogs calmed down. Cheyenne looked to be a candidate for Karen and her pack.

Karen, after showing an interest in Cheyenne and knowing the process from her previous adoption, had submitted her adoption application online. Having experience with raising a young GSP she previously adopted, we felt Cheyenne would be much easier. After her phone interview, an appointment was made for her dogs to meet Cheyenne. Everyone got along and Karen, further smitten with the beautiful GSP Mix she had first read about online, was excited to take her home. Karen adopted Cheyenne, her second GSP from California GSP Rescue.

As an experienced GSP owner, Karen didn’t waste anytime making sure she was exercised taking her on a hike the next day. You can visit our Facebook Page to see images Karen shared after their first hike. Karen wrote the following update:

“We had an awesome day. Cheyenne is about as perfect of a dog as I’ve ever known. I am already so in love with her, my kids and my granddaughter think she is the best. Very gentle, very smart, house trained, used the dog doors from the beginning, kenneled at night without any problem.”

“She loved the hike this morning, and is very social…she LOVES people! Still have not heard her bark! She got a bath today (she loved it), got a new collar and a new tag, and met my son’s little dog Edie!”

“I will send more details of both Cosmo and Cheyenne later, but I want you to know that I sincerely appreciate all the good that you do on a daily basis for these exceptional dogs. She is a part of our family, and you saving her made that possible.”

Thank you Karen for giving another dog a home, and helping support our efforts!


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