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Choco Is Adopted!

chocoChoco is adopted and is now Hoss!  Hoss unfortunately lost his home when his owners got a divorce, but his luck turned quickly as former adopter Tony was looking for a dog just like him.

Tony knew Hoss had one big challenge – bolting out doors. His former owner made sure we knew about this as she was worried for his safety. Tony has been working with the behavior and he is definitely doing better.

Tony is also adjusting to Hoss’ energy level. His former GSP, Jimbo, was one of the few and rare mellow GSPs, so Hoss and his typical GSP energy was something new! Tony and his family are rising to the challenge, though, and making sure Hoss gets what he needs to thrive.  Here are a few updates we’ve received about Hoss:

“I just wanted to give you a quick update on Hoss. Time has gone by very quickly.  Last time we spoke he was a little shy about eating, but it seems that has mostly ceased.  I just think overall he’s not very keen on dry kibble.  He’s definitely got a ton more energy that we were used to with Jimbo.  He’s energetic and ready to go the moment he wakes up.

As for the door bolting – I’ve been working with him anytime we head in/out of any exterior doors around the house.  If you give him a clear “stay” command and hand signal he seems to respond very well.  He has been staying in until I release him out”.

Tony also took Hoss on a camping trip (check out our Facebook page for some pictures of the fun!) and Hoss showed him he still remembers some tricks from his hunting school days – although Tony keeps him on a 30 foot lead for now, as he’s still not fully confident in his recall, but they are working on it!

Then, of course, there is the most important message of all from Hoss’ new family, “We are enjoying him so much, thanks again for helping bring him home to us!”

We are so happy for Hoss!

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