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Coach is Adopted!

Coach adoptedMichelle and David have a perfect situation for many a German Shorthaired Pointer. They live in a dog friendly community, have neighbors that watch each others’ dogs when out of town, get out for lots of walks and runs, ensure lots of quality time with a dog, and have great experience with the breed.  In addition to all of that they sometimes watch a very small dog (Coach previously lived with and enjoyed his small dog siblings). They just seemed like the home that needed to have Coach in it.   The timing was right as they had gotten to the point in their mourning their last GSP that they thought they were ready for a new addition to the home.

They met Coach recently and felt he would be a good addition to their home.  He is now living comfortably with them with lots of dog beds and lots of daily attention. Michelle and David are also being reminded of the boundless energy a young (four year old) GSP has, and are busy walking and walking and walking with Coach leading the way.  Michelle says he’s at least a 4-5 mile a day dog… which sounds about right to us for a GSP his age.

Once home Coach quickly caught a respiratory infection which Michelle and David have since gotten him treatment. He is recovering well and they are expecting even longer walks as Coach feels even better.

Michelle reports “He is such a sweet gentle dog and we are slowly slowly building our relationship with him.  He has taken a very good liking to David, and David him. I think its fair to say that we enjoy Coach and believe he will be a great addition to our family.  We believe he may feel the same.”

Again we are thankful for wonderful adopters like David and Michelle that are able to care for a dog that needed a new chance at a new family that understood his needs.

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