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Coco is Adopted!

CoCoco_adoptionco aka Coconut came to California GSP Rescue for the same reasons so many young GSP’s do. Her owner just didn’t have the time to devote to her exercise and training.  As anyone who has had a young GSP, knows they demand a lot of attention!  Coco was no exception, and we knew she’d need a new family who understood the exercise she needs and was up to the challenge of a GSP. Along came Carlos, Ellie, Claire and Olivia! They had recently lost a GSP, who they thought was the greatest dog ever, and were ready for another. They were ready to bike, run, walk, and train a new GSP, so they came to meet Coco.

They have partially renamed her to Coco Chanel, since “She’s a super model with long legs and thin and really pretty”. Carlos also tells us, “She’s a real show stopper on walks”. They are working with her on housebreaking and a little separation anxiety – Coco was kept outdoors previously, something we don’t recommend for this people-centered breed, so she will need to learn house rules too. The family is quite happy that she is getting along so well with their new puppy Rocky, also a rescue. Although Coco is considerably larger than Rocky, we are told, “she is so sweet and is really trying hard and is very lenient with the puppy, so things are going well. It will probably take puppy energy to keep up with this VERY energetic girl”!

It seems that Coco Chanel has finally found the right family in Ellie, Carlos, Olivia, Claire and Rocky! Her new and forever family understands that a GSP, of any age, needs exercise, attention, and training, and, of course, lots of love! New Dad Carlos says, “when she came over to me and leaned on me, I knew she was ours and there’s no way you’re getting her back ;)” Sounds good to us!


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