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Happy Thanksgiving! Coco and Spotto Are Adopted!

Adoption Photo Spotto CocoWe couldn’t think of a more fitting day, on a day we give thanks, than to bring you the news that the sweet sisters, Coco and Spotto have been adopted together!

Jamie reached out to us when they learned that Coco and Spotto needed to find a home together. Lovers of the breed, and a soft spot for the seniors, Jamie and Ryan inquired about the girls, and wanted to know if they would be a good fit for their 12 1/2 year old female GSP, Remi, and their Mom, Janelle’s, 1 1/2 year old German Shephard, Molly.  We knew with being the well socialized, sweet and easy going sweethearts they are, as long as the dogs in their home would accept and welcome two new dogs into their pack, then we had no doubt all would be well. It turned out better than we had ever expected.

While Jamie and Ryan lived outside our normal adoption area, they made the necessary travel arrangements (airline reservations and rental car), to drive the girls to their new home. We knew this commitment assured us that the sisters would live the rest of their lives together, and we bent our rules to make it happen. We couldn’t be happier for Coco and Spotto and their new family, and we have received several updates since going home.

“They are DEFINITELY staying!!! We are all in love with them. They have a little training to do with potty training and listening but it will all come in time. They are just sooooooo loveable  Remi lays her head on them when she sleeps and snuggles with them on the couch.  Remi has hip displashia so she doesn’t play hard with them outside, but Molly and the girls run and play together so well you would think they have always been together. Thank you for approving the adoption as we are VERY blessed to be their new family”!!!!!

Today we give thanks to Jamie and Ryan and their family for adopting both Spotto and Coco, together, and those that helped us find Jamie. The thousands of individuals that liked, commented, and shared their post on Facebook and other social media. We knew we couldn’t separate the sisters and are forever grateful to those that believed, like we did, they needed to stay together. We are also very grateful to the Rescue Heroes that helped make sure that Spotto and Coco were fed and cared for while they were with us. Thank you to everyone that helped make a difference.

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