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Coco and Spotto Need to Stay Together!

At CA GSP Rescue, we have been down this road before; taking two dogs together and having an owner tell us they are “bonded”. We worry every time we do, because placing two dogs at once is not an easy thing to do! We worry because we don’t want them to be in a kennel very long. We worry because a foster home that can take two dogs is almost impossible to find. We take them anyway, because we know that CA GSP Rescue is their best chance at staying together.

We also do our best to evaluate them and see if they will do well in two separate homes. Very often, we find that they will do well with a new brother or sister – and are able to find them homes more quickly that way. In the case of Coco and Spotto, we have discovered that the really are bonded, and they really do need to stay together!

Thanks to a very generous foster mom, Spring, we have learned so much about Coco and Spotto! She tells us they do everything together – from eating, to sleeping, to potty! Spring often comments on how hilarious they are and is discovering their individual personalities, too. Coco is a bit more demanding of attention, and Spotto is more laid back.  They are doing well with her own GSP, and can be found lounging on the same bed with him from time to time. As with most GSPs, Coco and Spotto have no concept of “personal space”, and love being near Spring and her dog Baggins. We aren’t sure how much time they spent in a house before, but they’ve fully embraced it, have learned the dog door, and Spring is working on leaving them home alone in small increments. They are also getting used to their crates and are discovering what toys are for. It seems they don’t really know what to do with toys, but Spring will make sure they figure it out! 

Do you have room in your home and heart for two beautiful GSP sisters? Can you share their story and help us find them a home? Coco and Spotto are waiting to start the rest of their lives … together!

Read more of Coco and Spotto’s journey to rescue here.

If you are interested in adding double the love to your family, please apply here. 

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