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This Pair of GSPs Are Ready For Kickoff

Coco Spott 2 Bird DogsWhile controversy swirls around the commercials that are likely to air after the opening kickoff of tonight’s National Football League’s first game, Coco and Spotto are excited of the possibilities that someone might be looking for two dogs to share their couch to watch the games the rest of the season. Yes, they have lived their entire lives together but they appear to have taken opposite sides of the couch for the first game of the NFL season in hopes of appealing to fans of both teams. Not to mention, these two couch potatoes have both chosen appropriate teams for bird dogs – The Eagles and The Falcons.

Coco has taken the side of the Atlanta Falcons and while she doesn’t have any Nike paraphernalia, she will be rooting for tight end Austin Hooper. Not because he is expecting to have a breakout season after having spent his summer in Atlanta working out with QB Matt Ryan but simply because sportswriter Kevin Patra states ‘Hooper has been like a “dog”‘ Hmmm…  being a slight underdog, the Falcons will need Hooper to show up. Coco is sure he will.

Spotto, on the other hand, appears to still be in celebration mode after the Eagles Superbowl win earlier this year and is hoping to spend the rest of the season in her forever home, either on the couch or close by on a dog bed, watching the Eagles defend their title. She will be closely watching Superbowl MVP ‘Saint Nick’ Foles as he attempts to defeat the Falcons a second time since last years playoffs. She was an Eagles fan for life when they donned dog masks after last years victory over the Falcons.

Regardless which team you might be rooting for or even if your team will be playing later, your sure to enjoy every game that much more with Spotto and Coco in your cheering section. While they are “bird dogs” and each have chosen appropriate teams for the opening game of the NFL, we’re positive they’ll root for the favorite team of their forever home even if it is the losing Cleveland Browns – they do have a rescue dog as their mascot as well as a “dawg pound” cheering section.

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