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Copper’s Story

Copper’s story begins with an ending. An end to a decade+ of his life with his family. This 13 year old beautiful soul lost his home when his family had to leave theirs. We are so grateful they sought out the CA GSP Rescue because we know what happens to 13 year old dogs relinquished to a shelter.

Our volunteers met Copper and none could believe his age!  This guy was active and spunky and fun! However, knowing he was indeed 13, we wasted no time in finding him a home. An appointment was set with a potential adopter even before we were able to get photos and put him on the website.

Unfortunately, that appointment cancelled so we began looking for a foster home since senior dogs can be harder to place, and we didn’t want him to spend too much time in a kennel. Now, we don’t know why seniors are harder to place as we feel those “seasoned” GSPs are absolutely the best, but it seems to be true. Soon after, Copper lost that bounce and didn’t want to eat. Thinking he may be getting depressed, our kennel manager moved him into the office to spend his days with her. She quickly realized he had something more going on, and he was taken to the vet.

The vet’s report was not good. Heart failure and masses, and no “fix” for Copper. He prescribed some medications that would relieve the discomfort, and Copper was feeling better by the next day. So much so, the office cat had to find a place to hide! And then Copper’s angel, in the form of our volunteer Vikki, came to take him to her home. She will care for him the rest of his days, and all reports are, he is loving his soft beds and two GSP sisters. He steals make up and eats toilet paper. He is a beggar, and he never lets Vikki out of his sight.

No, Copper’s story won’t have a happily-ever-after ending. Copper does have a happy-right-now, and that’s the best we can hope for. Our volunteers are happy to give him that for as long as he will let us.

You can be a “Hero” for GSP’s in need just like Copper, helping us continue our work by becoming a Rescue Hero. Learn more here.

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