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Cork is Safe!

Cork_A1388961w29When we first heard about Cork, his age was incorrectly listed as being much younger. While there was cause for a concern with him being in a high kill shelter, this concern was elevated when they changed his age to 12! We then learned that he wasn’t a stray but an owner relinquishment to the shelter. The owners had told the shelter personnel that he was “too old and they couldn’t deal with an old dog”.

Knowing there was little chance of him being adopted at his listed age, California GSP Rescue made plans to save Cork. Volunteers Daniel and Grace were called, and the plans were made. Late last week Cork made his way to the Rescue and a little closer to his forever home. We already have heard that he gets along well with the few other dogs he has encountered as well as some livestock, although, he probably had other ideas for the chickens he met. In addition, while looking through his paperwork, we have reason to believe he is a few years younger than originally listed and might be as young as 9!

Regarding Cork being too old. We live in a society that celebrates sports superstars who are “too old” to play. Presentations are made and awards are given when the athlete steps on the field for the last time and into retirement. However, when it comes to the most loyal animal known to man, what kind of person take’s their best friend to a high kill shelter and says they are “too old”? Too old for what?!? Until Cork is adopted, we’ll be showing you what he isn’t too old to do and just maybe someone will agree that he is the perfect age!

A big thanks to Daniel and Grace for helping with a second dog within a few weeks! We appreciate their efforts as well as all the other volunteers that make everything possible!

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