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Could You Be Duke’s Guy?

Some dogs need a very specific sort of home to be comfortable. To live unafraid. To be a “good boy”. To be happy. Duke is one of those dogs.  Duke is in need of a single man to be HIS GUY for his senior years. A man to rescue him and give him back the home life he once knew.  He is a well-behaved and sweet dog and could give as much to the right person, as they could give to him. He’s great on walks, mellow – just needs to be a single mans only dog!

When Duke was brought back to the rescue after nine years with his adopters, we were told he never liked the man’s wife. We tried to imagine why this would be; Duke was often boarded at our kennel and we knew him to be a good dog. He had his quirks, like not liking his feet touched, but was well-behaved and sweet to volunteers, both men and women.

At California GSP Rescue, we have always felt fortunate to have adopters willing to help older dogs, and dogs who may need extra help to adjust to a new home. We found just that kind of adopter for Duke shortly after he was relinquished. His new Mom and Dad were willing to provide the routine, exercise and love that would help Duke learn that a woman could be his friend. We all, adopters and volunteers, felt that Duke had found the home where he could live out his days.

Unfortunately, after a couple of weeks in this home, it became clear that there was something in Duke that kept him from trusting women – even one who was very kind and very good with dogs. For his own sake, he needed to come back to the rescue. While we know it was very difficult for his adopters to realize they weren’t the right home for him, they helped us understand who would be, and we are appreciative of that.

Duke is now 14 1/2 years old. We are hoping he has a home to spend the holidays, and live out the rest of his life. There is nothing more satisfying and enriching than being there for a “special needs” dog. If you think you might be The Guy for Duke, please apply here.

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