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Daisy now Dinah is Adopted!

Daisy adopted GSP Rescue California adoptDaisy now Dinah is Adopted! David and Patti have years of experience as a multi dog Weimaraner family.  They were quite taken with Daisy’s story of love and survival.

They’d not had a German Shorthaired Pointer before, but given their experience with Weimaraner’s, we agreed with them that they could easily handle Daisy, our sweet Weim-GSP mix.

David and Patti have young dog-savvy grandchildren, and two dogs of their own (Sienna and Baxter).  Luckily Daisy had been living in a foster home with two male dogs so we knew that she could be a great dog in a multi-dog home.

We are so thankful to Omar and Charisse for caring for Daisy as she prepared for her forever home.  The knowledge they gained in fostering Daisy allowed us to share quite a bit of information about her with Patti and David, and allowed her transition to a forever home to be so much simpler.

We are also so thankful to Patti and David for the experience they’ve brought to Daisy, who is now named Dinah. Their hearts truly went out to Daisy, and they have committed to ensure she lose a few extra pounds, watch her paw, as the pad was quite sensitive when they first brought her home, and getting her into the vet to make sure her hip dysplasia was monitored, and that she was getting proper vet care.

They have really walked alongside Daisy (Dinah) to ensure she is cared for and loved in the kindest of ways.  They have also worked with Daisy and their dogs to ensure all of the dogs are respecting their humans first and managing a three dog home.

Daisy’s story now has a very happy ending… Take a look at Daisy’s incredible story here.

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