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David Is Adopted!

David adoption photoDavid Is Adopted! Just a short time ago, Gale and Karen had applied to adopt a senior, and had their eye on Brownie. They came out to meet him, and they fell in love. They Adopted Brownie, and said that they would be back to adopt another senior once Brownie now known as Buster settled in.

Well they kept their promise, and applied again, with their eye on 8 year old, David. Brownie and David had lived together in their foster home, so they already knew each other. While they didn’t interact with each other much, they got along splendidly when Gale and Karen brought Buster out with them to meet David, and everything went great! So much so, that David became a part of their family that day.

We recently received an update on David now known as Dave, that we wanted to share with you.

“We are watching Dave come alive! He was kind of shy when he arrived, and didn’t appear to have had a lot of interaction with people. It’s taking time but he’s becoming so lovable, and he now seeks out pets and hugs where as he just tolerated them before. Yesterday was the first time he literally ran around and played with us and we were delighted.

We’ve been trying to put weight on Dave and slowly but surely we’re getting there. He didn’t eat much when we first got him but now he’s turning into a chow hound! (<-see what I did there?). I think it was a matter of knowing he’s safe, has a forever home and is loved that has reignited his appetite.

By the way Dave is one Handsome Dude, he’s so majestic (and tall). Friends are surprised by how he looks and remark at his beauty PLUS we saw him run full out for the first time in the large lawn area at our home and OMG he’s like a Greyhound. His personality has just blossomed and he such a joy and with he and Brownie the quality of our lives is so vastly improved. We are beyond happy we found your GSP rescue and thank all of you for Dave and Brownie plus all you do”!

Gale and Karen, we are so thankful for you both for not only adopting a senior dog, but also opening up your home and your hearts to add an adult GSP into your family.

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