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Dewey is Safe!

Dewey GSP German Shorthaired Pointer The image of the happy powder faced German Shorthaired Pointer in the email immediately grabbed our attention. Dewey was listed as a 10 year old male GSP that had been picked up as a stray by animal control. The initial email stated he had a microchip which, after reading, is usually followed by a sigh of relief. Owners of dogs with registered microchips are notified if the dogs ever end up at a shelter. Unfortunately, Dewey’s microchip wasn’t registered and the shelter was unable to contact the owner.

California GSP Rescue monitored Dewey during the mandatory holding period waiting to see if his owner would come claim him. As the end of the holding period approached, California GSP Rescue began making plans to rescue Dewey, however, he would be available to the public over the weekend when the shelter sees an increase in adoptions. There was a chance, if his owner didn’t show, he would be adopted.

When Monday morning came, a call was made to the shelter. Dewey was still there. Apparently the owner either didn’t know his dog was missing or just didn’t care. In addition, the increased number of visitors to the shelter over the weekend were most likely looking for younger dogs passing Dewey by. This isn’t unusual. Most visitors to the shelters are looking for easier to dogs to adopt thinking the younger the better. What they do not always realize, is the easier dogs are often the adult and older dogs that won’t need to be house trained and or not likely to chew your slippers or purse. Fortunately for Dewey, California GSP Rescue knows that older dogs are often easier, but can take a little longer to find forever homes.

Once the shelter confirmed he was available, plans were made to go get him. When the volunteer from California GSP Rescue arrived at the shelter, it didn’t take long to find the gray faced GSP with the wagging tail. Unclaimed by his owner and not adopted by the many visitors that walked by his kennel over the weekend, Dewey’s life was about to make a dramatic change for the better. 

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