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Diamond is Adopted!

DiamDiamond GSP Adopted #CAGSPRescue Dog Pet Rescueond is adopted and is finally in her forever home! We are so pleased to announce Diamond’s adoption.  She was one of our favorites here at the rescue (yes, we know we say that quite a bit!), but Diamond was with us for awhile and we really got to know her and her very intense and spunky GSP ways! We could see she was enthusiastic about everything she did, from affection for her favorite volunteers, to hunting, to finding a way to escape! We knew she would need someone who would give her plenty of exercise, lots of attention and supervision, and who would be one step ahead of her as she looked for a way out!  It isn’t that Diamond doesn’t love her people, she just simply MUST see what’s on the other side!

Lucky for Diamond, Josh and his family applied to adopt. They were well-suited to a high energy dog and had a great home for a GSP. They had dealt with an escape artist in the past and let our adoption counselor know they preferred not to go through that again. In trying to find a good match for the family, however, Diamond just kept coming up as perfect in so many ways. So we let them know about Diamond, they thought about it, and decided to at least come and meet her.

Fast-forward to today and Diamond is now Bella and a loving her life with Josh, Shawna, Ethan and Gabe.  From the beginning, she blended seamlessly into their family in all ways, except for escaping. However, they continued to walk her many miles a day, took her “hunting” in the fields near their home, and just spent a lot of time with her every day. Eventually  she settled in and is content and confident that this is HOME, and she is staying put! She is even okay in a kennel when they are gone (this was not always the case) as she has finally realized that her family is coming back soon!

They have enrolled her in an obedience class, too, which will help them provide the training every young GSP needs. We are just so happy that Bella has found her match in Josh, Shawna, Ethan, and Gabe!


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