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Diamond is still Available!

Diamond GSP Dog Adopt RescueThe volunteers at California GSP Rescue cannot figure out why someone has not come in to swoop up this lovable girl.  Diamond is a sweet and loving young female GSP.  She will win your heart over with her personality and one of her “looks”.

She could do well with a larger more mellow (preferably male) other dog in the home but could easily be the only dog in the home as well. She has done well with all of the volunteers.  She does have a strong prey drive so would not do well in a home with either small dogs or other small animal.

Diamond is quite an athlete and would love a regular long distance run or other way to burn some of her young GSP energy.  She may even be a great biking partner for those that like to do a little biking and would need good fencing around her home.

We are looking for that right person to come along and fall in love with this very loving young female GSP.  Please apply if you think you may be able to provide that forever home for our Diamond in the rough.

Why is this amazing GSP still available? Good question. Being an only dog or getting along with the established pack can sometimes present challenges. Needing continued training is always required for any adopted dog. All GSPs require exercise, Diamond will need someone that can provide her with plenty of exercise and attention. So why is Diamond still available for adoption? All the volunteers are hoping that someone can help answer that question and possibly adopt her.

Please watch the video below to learn more about Diamond and hear first hand from some of the volunteers that have worked with her. We think you’ll agree this girl is sweet & affectionate with plenty of potential.


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