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Do You Have A Plan For Your Pets?

Opal Penny dsc_0085w64Do you have a plan for your pets? Imagine if something were to happen to you.  What would happen to your pets? Would they end up on the street? In a shelter? Confused and scared as to what their future holds? If they are a senior dog, most likely they will be euthanized at a shelter.

We published a similar story last year about a dog that came into the rescue after her owner passed away, surrendered to us by her owners family because there wasn’t a plan set up as to who would take care of her should she outlive him.  We get many dogs in, mostly senior dogs that have lived with someone for most of their entire life.  They were a loved and cherished loyal companion.

Here is a little glimpse of what your dog will most likely go through after you are gone.

“Not too long ago, he wasn’t there any more and the rest of the family brought me here. I’m not sure why I don’t have a house to go into any more, I have this kennel to spend my time in, but it isn’t big like my house, and there are no comfy couches here. There are some nice people who come and take me out for walks and play. They pet me and hug me and tell me they are trying to find a home for me. They bring me good food every morning and every night, but sometimes I don’t eat it. I don’t feel like eating sometimes. I heard two of these people  say today that my owner died and no one else could take me. I’m confused. He had family and we knew lots of people, so why am I here? I hope I get a home soon, I am getting a little lonely…”

A Message From CA GSP Rescue: Please plan for the future of your pets. Include them in your Will or Trust to be sure they are taken care of – especially if you have a sweet senior dog. Find a guardian for them and set aside some funds for their care if you aren’t around. THEY are thinking of you all the time, please take some time to think of them.

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