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Do you know this dog?

harlem_hikePlease read the following description and let us know if this GSP reminds YOU of  a dog you know:

He is obsessed with balls, kongs and flies. If  you put the ball away, be sure it is high and he doesn’t see you do it – or he will find a way to get it!  Don’t let the ball get behind the couch or he will try to move the couch out of the way. If he is pacing and whining, it’s probably because you took his ball away!

He knows: ‘Sit’, ‘Down’, ‘Shake’ and ‘High 5′, but don’t try to show off your dog-training skills, he likely won’t do it for your friends.  He will put his paws on the bumper of the SUV, and wait for you to lift him in the rest of the way. Can he get in himself? Maybe, maybe not. But you lifted him in once and he liked it, so this is how we will do it from now on. He will also try to climb on your lap when you are driving, so maybe a harness is a good idea.

He loves, loves, loves the hike you are taking him on, but seems to have forgotten his name when you call him back. He will come eventually, but there are a few more things to sniff before he can hear his name again.  Back home, the couch is much more comfortable than the dog bed. Yes, he will go to the dog bed if you tell him to, but he knows when you leave the room, it is permission to get back on the couch!

He is funny, and goofy and LOVES hanging out with you – even if it does seem he loves his ball more sometimes!

We are describing Harlem – who is currently looking for a home to call his own! If you’ve had a GSP, you will recognize many of the above traits, and know that Harlem is ALL GSP!

Many thanks to our volunteer Spring who has driven Harlem to a few adoption shows lately, had him as an overnight(s) guest a few times, and given us even more insight into his personality. He’s had some fans at recent adoption shows, but none yet that know what a great addition an 8 year old GSP can be – perhaps that person who knows is you!

Learn more about Harlem here.

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