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Does your GSP climb in your lap?

Tex David L iPhoneWhen you come to a resting point on a walk or a hike does your GSP climb up on your lap?  When you sit down do they come over as if that is their invitation to stand on your for pets?  When you sit on a chair do they view that as your body language invitation to climb up on you?  Who wouldn’t want a warm, loving 60 pound GSP right up on your lap?

Tex does not see any reason to have a dog like him and not love the attention he will lavish on you.  David, a volunteer, recently worked extensively with Tex and noted what a warm, cuddly dog Tex is, and had to show us the wonderful dog that is in Tex.

Tex is not the dog that will side swipe you running full speed past you with a ball.  He’s not going to be the life of the party in a dog park or a field…we believe he is going to be loyal and loving to his future adopter.

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