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Dog of the Week – Willow

Willow exhibits one trait that describes German Shorthaired Pointers perfectly, exuberance. If you have a ball or are going for a hike outside the training field, she is excited and enthusiastic. She appears as if she is going to burst in her joyous state. However, another GSP trait she exhibits just as well is companionship.  After playing ball or going for a hike, she is content being near you and getting attention. These two traits are what makes Willow and GSPs so unique

Willow is a joy to photograph and appears to love the attention. Here she thinks one of the photographers has a ball and is getting ready to throw it for her allowing both photographers to capture her exuberance (see insert and thumbnail).

While Willow isn’t a dog for everyone, keep in mind that GSPs aren’t a breed for everyone either.  If Willow is the right dog for you, you’ll be amazed at the treasure that awaits you.

To read more about Willow, click here.

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