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Dog of the Week – Willow

Willow’s Ideal Home – What is Willow looking for?  That is what we at the CA GSP Rescue intend to find out for Willow and all of the dogs that come through our rescue.  Some can fit into a variety of home situations.  Some, like Willow, require a special environment.  They require a home willing to accommodate the dog a bit, but in return will lavish them with love and companionship.

Willow’s ideal home would be one where she is either an only dog or with a docile male dog.  She is currently fostered with four other dogs and has done well.  Although they do not play together, she seems to enjoy their companionship.  It is the companionship, however, of her people that Willow craves.  She would love to be with someone that takes a few walks a week.  A yard big enough to throw a ball in would “seal the deal” for Willow.  Most of all Willow wants people, of any age, to snuggle and live with in her forever home. To read more about Willow, click here.

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