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Doga is Yoga With Dogs

BonBon Doga Yoga with DogsRecently, someone read about Yoga with Goats and we wondered why there wasn’t Yoga with Dogs!

Volunteer Georgia teamed up with Lululemon of Temecula to host Doga or Yoga with Dogs. Turns out, this isn’t a new thing. For several years, many places across the country are hosting Doga classes inviting people to bring their dogs to Yoga class. Professionals say that it is not only beneficial for the owners but the dogs as well. Mahny Djahanguiri, author of “DOGA: Yoga For You and Your Dog” states the dogs “can still absorb your calm,”  and do not need to actively participate in the poses.

Rather than have people bring their dogs, California GSP Rescue and Volunteer Georgia had a slightly different approach. Dogs from California GSP Rescue needing homes would be selected to participate in Doga. While team members of Lululemon did their downward facing dogs, adult GSPs looking for forever homes roamed from individual to individual receiving attention and absorbing the calm as well as pets.

Since none of the dogs that participated knew anything about Yoga, it took a little while for each to figure out what was expected of them as individuals changed poses. Within 10 minutes, the magic began. The four dogs that were brought, Rosco, Spotto, Coco, & recently adopted Yuri, soon learned this was about being in the moment and that moment meant getting pets!

We would like to thank Lululemon of Temecula for hosting this event and the opportunity for a few rescued dogs to find forever homes. The dogs loved getting the attention and exposure in hopes of finding them a forever home.

If you would like to participate in Doga with GSPs looking for forever homes, you are in luck! Lululemon of Palm Desert will be partnering with California GSP Rescue to host a DOGA event on Sunday July 29th at 10:00 AM. All funds collected will go towards California GSP Rescue’s Raise The Roof fundraiser  Click here to learn more – you’ll need to login to your Facebook account to RSVP


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