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Doggie Oats

Doggie Oats

I have used this recipe when my dog has been sick or off her feed. It was given to me by a homeopathic vet. Oats make a good choice for the most frequently-used grain in cooking for pets. Not only are they quick cooking, but they contain more protein per calorie than any other common grain. Each grain varies, however, in its amino acid composition and its vitamin and mineral levels, so it’s always a good idea to make use of the recommended substitutions in this versatile maintenance recipe for adult dogs. It ranges in protein value from about 22% (fattier meats or tofu with bulgur) to 30% (turkey with oats).

8 cups rolled oats
2 lbs (4 cups) raw ground or chopped turkey
1/2 cup Healthy Powder
1/4 cup olive or vegetable oil
1 cup of vegetables, less if raw, grated (may be omitted occasionally)
3 Tablespoons bone meal (or 5,400-6,000 mg calcium or 1 Tablespoon eggshell power)
10,000 i.u. Vitamin A (none, if using carrots)
400 i.u. Vitamin E
(optional) 1 teaspoon tamari soy sauce or 1 teaspoon iodized salt
(optional) 1-2 cloves garlic, crushed or minced

Bring 1 gallon (16 cups) of water to a boil. Add the oats, cover and turn off the heat, letting it cook from its residual heat for 10-15 minutes. Then combine with the remaining ingredients and serve.

Yields about 4500 kilo-calories, which is about 2-days’ food for a 90-lb dog, 3 days for a 50-lb dog, 4 days for a 40-lb dog, or 5 days for a 25-lb dog. With fattier meats like regular hamburger, this goes up to 5600 kilo-calories.

Grain Substitutes: Instead of oats, you may use 4 cups of bulgur (+8-12 cups water). Only if you’re using poultry or lean cuts of beef, you may also use these lower-protein grains: 4 cups millet (+3 qts water); 3 cups brown rice (+6 cups water); 4 cups cornmeal (+1 gal water); 4 cups barley (+2-3 qts water).

Meat Substitutes: Chicken, hamburger, chuck, or beef heart; either lean or medium grades are ok, but not too fatty. You may occasionally substitute either of the following for the meat (with oats or bulgur only): 2 pts cottage cheese plus 4 eggs (with oats only); 32 oz tofu plus 8 eggs. Add the eggs while the grain is still hot so they’ll set slightly and give the best texture. The higher-protein grains are necessary to provide adequate amounts of protein.

Healthy Powder: Combine 2 cups nutritional yeast, 1 cup lecithin granules, 1/4 cup kelp or alfalfa powder, and 1/4 cup bone meal (or 9000 mg calcium or 5 tsp eggshell powder). Optional: 1000 mg Vitamin C and 1 tsp garlic powder. Refrigerate.

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