Tired of the same old birthday routine? When someone asks you what you want for your birthday, but you can’t think of anything? Want to celebrate your dogs birthday or gotcha day and give back? Would you like to give rather than get? Then we have the perfect idea! Donate your birthday and help save the lives of GSP’s in need!


How it works:

Fill out the Birthday Page form below. Want us to include a photo? You can attach one in the form below. Please be sure your photo is cropped 640 x 640 square.

You’ll get your own Birthday Page on our web site; we’ll email you the custom link to share. See a sample page here.

Ask your friends and family to donate for your special day! Share your page via social media and email.

Enjoy the glow that comes from doing good! We’ll use 100% of the money you raise to help offset the substantial ongoing veterinary costs for the dogs in our care. Happy birthday to you!

Bonus Idea! You can also do a Birthday Page for your pet! Celebrate his or her birthday or adoption day!


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