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Duke is Adopted!

Duke GSP Pointer German Shorthaired Rescue Adopt California Mauricio, Melina, Sebastian, Christian, Daisy and Maxi make up a very active dog loving family.  Both Daisy and Maxi are friendly dogs that have lived with and socialized with other dogs.  Mauricia and his two sons, Sebastian and Christian really enjoy obedience training their dogs.  Melina and Mauricio walk and hike often but did not feel like their small dog should be going on those hikes with them due to her small size. They really needed an athletic GSP that got along with people and dogs of all sizes, and Duke was truly the perfect fit for their lifestyle.  They all came out to meet Duke and felt he’d be a perfect match for them.  They are surprised with how smart Duke is and how quickly he picks up on commands.

Mauricio recently wrote us with the following… “Duke is doing great! He quickly got acquainted with the house, and after a brush and a bath he slept pretty easy in his new beds. This morning he did great on the bike ride. He also did great in the pool. We also went for a long hike, and he did wonderful in his training.  He knows sit very well and he has learned a ‘come’ command and we started ‘down’ also. However, he is also great at fetch. He’s adapted so fast, and he is so smart, and because he learns commands very quickly, we decided to name him “Quick! He is such a handsome and smart boy.”

We are again thankful for this family that is able to provide the type of home that Duke, now “Quick”, really needed to be able to thrive.

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