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Duke Sr. is Adopted!

Duke Senior GSP Adopted #CAGSPRescueDuke Sr. is Adopted! It’s safe to say, we at California GSP Rescue, really love and appreciate our adopters, and those families that open up their homes and their hearts to seniors really make us happy! With a shortage of foster homes for seniors, they often have to stay at the kennel for awhile until they are adopted. We hate to see any dog spend any time away from a family, but especially those senior dogs. Duke Sr. was a pretty lucky boy, as there was a spot available in a foster home when he came into our program and he got to go straight from the shelter to a soft bed and a couch in a foster home. We found out right away how well he got along with other dogs, that he was house-broken, and that he was a very well-behaved boy!¬†We found out he was just the right mix of hunter and couch potato, and that he is probably the softest GSP ever!

When Jill and Mason applied to adopt a senior, he was one of a couple they met, but Duke Sr. stole their hearts. Their younger female GSP, Martha, was just fine with their choice as well! The rest was, as they say, history! Duke is now loving life in his new home, although he may be challenging his new family a bit as they have found out he has a bit of a door-dashing habit. They are experienced GSP owners, however, and will work with the behavior. They understand that Duke has had a bit of upheaval lately (his owner passed away, leading to his relinquishment to the shelter), and will continue to give him the guidance he needs to overcome this issue.

The Rescue has also been lucky that the family and Duke are often visiting on Saturdays and giving some extra time and attention to the other seniors who haven’t been adopted yet. They were formerly volunteers with the Southeast GSP Rescue, and we are very glad to have them helping out!

In this great family portrait you can see Duke Sr. with his new GSP sister Martha, Mom and Dad, Jill and Mason, and all of his human brothers that give him love, attention, and part of their beds: Carter, Cole, Emory and Luke.

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