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Dusty is Safe!

Dusty_A1397899w400Dusty recently showed up at local kill shelter in Southern California. Fortunately, California GSP Rescue received word early that she was at the shelter thanks to many of the good Samaritans that monitor and notify us of GSPs needing rescue.

Knowing there isn’t time to spare, California GSP Rescue made a few calls and sent a few emails to volunteers that might be able to assist. Fortunately for Dusty, Volunteer Lance was available to pull and transport her. This can sometimes be a big task with much time spent waiting to know when a dog be ready to be picked up. In Dusty’s case, she first needed to be spayed before Lance could pick her up. After getting the thumbs up from the shelter, Volunteer Lance was able to pick her up and get her one step closer to her forever home.

A big thanks to Lance for giving his time to see she was rescued. As an all volunteer organization, we rely on individuals like Lance to help finding forever homes possible. If you are interested in learning more how you might be able to assist, please, contact us. We’ll have more information about Dusty up on the website soon!

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