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Dutchess is adopted!

vince_courtney_dutchessOccasionally the rescue gets a dog, and after evaluating them, we know we have the perfect family waiting for them. Dutchess was just that dog, and Vincent and Courtney were just the family for her.

Vincent and Courtney had applied to the rescue several months prior, and were very patient waiting for the dog that we felt would be a good match. When Dutchess was turned into the rescue because her family was moving, we notified Vincent and Courtney that we thought we had the perfect match. Unfortunately, Vincent had to work, but Courtney didn’t want to lose the opportunity, so came to the rescue to meet this sweet girl. She thought she was great, and brought Vince back the following weekend. As any smart man would, he agreed with Courtney, and they adopted Dutchess! The following is an update we received Courtney:

“We adopted Scout (formerly Duchess) this past summer, and we couldn’t be happier.  At first you could see she was apprehensive about  change, even unwilling to enter the house as it appeared the outside or backyard was her previous stomping grounds, but now she has settled in and understands this is her home (both indoors and outdoors) and we are her family. Scout enjoys her morning and evening workouts, playing tag in the backyard, practicing her “pointing” form and hunting skills on the backyard lizards, chasing a squirrel that taunts her as she tries to catch a few zzz’s beneath the avocado tree, and relaxing in the living room playing with her toys. Scout also attends Obedience Class on the weekends to help with basic commands and learning to not pull on the leash, she is just starting, but she is quick to learn and is definitely at the top of her class. She is also very friendly with everyone we encounter, loves meeting new people and making new friends. When at the Dog Park she does like to socialize with the people more than the dogs, but none the less her best friend at the moment is a young husky named Luke and they can play for hours! Scout was the last puzzle piece to making our house a home and we are so lucky to have her! To many more adventures with Scout, the journey has just begun for our love for GSPs”!!!

The rescue wants to say thank you to Vincent and Courtney for reaching out to adopt and for being patient. It looks like Scout has found her perfect family and these new GSP parents are hooked!!
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