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Earl is Adopted!

Steve-Earl-290x290Steve knew he wanted to adopt an adult GSP as he is gone during much of the day and knew the puppy behaviors were not something he cared to deal with. He also knew that he wanted a dog that had been with us for a while. He truely wanted to help a dog in need. Steve is a long time GSP owner where his prior dogs, Rufus and Doofus, had lived a loved life and went well into their mid to high teen years.

Steve came to meet a couple of dogs, and felt Earl would fit well into his lifestyle, and took Earl home with him.

Earl has been on some great adventures since joining Steve’s home. Steve took him to meet a friend and his dogs. He has been swimming and the two have been working to go in and out of the doggy door.

Steve has one concern with Earl….he seems to be an Angels fan as he picked out a dog tag with the Angel’s logo on it. Steve says “Hmmm…seems Earl is an Angels fan, and I’m an avid Dodger fan. We’ll probably argue a lot.” We are hopeful the two can work out their differences. You can see in their picture the two firmly support their teams.

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