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Ebony Is Adopted!

Ebony adopted GSP RescueTo say Ebony is a volunteer favorite would be an understatement. She charmed all of us in the much-too-long time that we had her. As a mix and a dog that doesn’t get along with other dogs, she was hard to find an adopter for. When former adopters Sharon and Michael agreed to foster her, we were overjoyed. We knew they would pamper her and give her the family life she deserved while we continued to look for an adopter. They sent us great information and pictures of Ebony at the beach, joining them on vacation, and just being the great dog we knew she was.

We continued to put this information on the website and look for a good adopter for her. And, all the while this was happening, Michael and Sharon were getting very used to having Ebony, or “Eb” as they call her, around them. They were enjoying her energy, her affection, and her mischievous antics. It seemed that they weren’t going to be able to let her go.

Here at California GSP Rescue, we don’t encourage our foster families to adopt their fosters, and hope they will continue to foster for us. In this case, however, it was clear this was where Ebony belonged, and we were certainly not disappointed to hear they wanted to adopt Ebony, but far from it! We were so happy that she would get to continue her morning walks with Sharon, and continue having her morning toast and eggs with Michael. In turn, Ebony continues to amaze and entertain them!

As Sharon wrote us, “She is probably the smartest dog we have ever been trained by!  It’s amazing how quickly she picks up a new phrase we might start using with her, i.e., when I ask her where her nose is, and where my nose is, she usually puts her face up ready to “rub noses”!  She provides several laughs a day – bringing into the house quite a variety of items – outdoor dustpan, her grooming brush, her outdoor towel for cleaning paws, my purse ends up in the TV room upside down and she usually gets my eyeglasses out and walks around with them in her mouth.”

Ebony has finally found her match, and we couldn’t be happier!!


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