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Ebony and the “Wild Pig”

Ebony_orange pig_DSC_9424w64Recently while on an evening walk in a local Southern California open space, Ebony came up on what appeared to be at first glance a wild boar. If you are unaware, you should take caution when approaching any wild animal with or without your dog. A few years ago, the LA Times reported a 200 pound wild pig being caught in a Southern California residential neighborhood after terrorizing the residents. However, Texas A&M reports that while there are a number of documented cases of humans encountering pigs, the chances of being attacked by a wild pig is relatively low and when it does occur it is usually due to one of two reasons. Either the pig runs through hunters when dogs have been used to corner a pig, or a human walks unknowingly between a sow and her litter. While dogs are used to hunt wild pigs, they are a specific type of trained Pig dog and not German Shorthaired Pointers.

Ebony_orange pig_DSC_9433w64

Fortunately, the “wild boar” that Ebony encountered was nothing more than a domesticated stuffed pig. Without warning Ebony stretches the┬áline she is being walked and gets scent. She’s on it and is able to get a small piece of the pig – just enough to keep the pig from getting away. The pig appears to be terrified and rightfully so as how often have small stuffed pigs and other animals been eviscerated within moments by GSPs and other dogs.

Ebony_orange pig_DSC_9447w64This pig is in luck as Ebony wants nothing more than to show off her “trophy”. The pig remains motionless while Ebony stands proudly with the pig gently held in her mouth. A few minutes later, Ebony digs a hole to bury the pig. While Ebony may not be cat friendly and isn’t great with other dogs, we have learned that she would be a perfect candidate for someone owning a small stuffed pig!

If you are interested in learning more about Ebony, click here. Whether you have stuffed pig or other stuffed furry animal, Ebony might just be the perfect dog for you!


What to do if you encounter a wild boar or pig on the trail with your dog:

  1. Keep your dog on a leash so as not to aggravate the pig.
  2. Friends of the Boar says to only let the dog off leash if you know your dog will not attack the pig and the pig is visibly agitated (hackles up) and is approaching
  3. Calmly and confidently move slowly away from the pig being careful to watch for any other pigs and not to walk between a mother and her piglets
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