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Ebony is a “One Dog Party”!

Ebony water“Ebony + Pool + Ball = Fun”!

The day they brought a baby pool out, one of the volunteers started playing with me.  I had so much fun in the pool!!!  I didn’t want to get out, but then after I played in the pool, they played fetch with me!  I am really good at it too!  If you tell me to sit before you throw the ball, I will do it!

I have been told that I charm the volunteers at the rescue. I absolutely love being around people.  I think they are so cool!  I much prefer playing with people than other dogs, so I need a home where I can be a sole companion, but I promise to be an awesome one! In fact, I am just as much fun as 2 dogs!

To learn more about me, watch my video below, and visit my page here.

I am excited for my family to find me, and you can help by sharing this post and video!


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