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Ebony… Life Is Better With A Friend

Ebony_DSC_3409wMy name is Ebony, and I am a 7 year old GSP Mix. I have been at the rescue for a very long time, and I dream of the day when it will be my turn to go home. I am a black GSP Mix in the middle of a sea of liver and white spotted dogs, so I am often overlooked. I am not very social with other dogs, and prefer to be an only dog, but I am just as much fun as two dogs!

Here are a few things you should know about me…

I walk great on a leash and I know how to heel like a pro. I absolutely love to play fetch. I sit when you tell me to. I have been known to do “down” for some people, as long as I know they are serious, and there is a cookie in it for me afterwards!

I am great when training, I watch you for cues, and I learn very fast. I am crate trained. I love the water, so you could take me to the lake or beach! I am very attentive, and I know “watch me”, which makes me highly trainable. I have a beautiful, shiny coat when brushed, and it is not too long. I come when I am called, and I know my name “Ebony”! I love people and I am very affectionate.

I have a few challenges that I want my new family to know. I need to be an only dog in the home. I need a strong leader on a walk so I can’t get into trouble with another dog. I think with practice and patience, this will not be an issue after the daily walks, training, and attention I would get in a home. I don’t do well with children. I may be able to improve by leaps and bounds with someone who could give me positive associations with new situations. For example, walk me by a playground and give me treats as the kids made noise nearby. I should not be off-leash until I can be properly trained on recall.

I haven’t had much experience in a home for most of life, so I just need to get used to things. I want so badly to find a home and someone to call my own. I am the best of both worlds! A people pleasing playful Lab, and the “velcro” personality and energy of a GSP, (but without the stubborn streak) Shhhh… Don’t tell them I told you that!

I promise to give you an abundance amount of unconditional love and affection for a lifetime, and you will see that once you get to know me, it will be so worth it!


You can learn more about me here.  If  you aren’t able to adopt, you can help my forever family find me by sharing my posts. and my blog.

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