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Ebony Tells Us 10 Reasons To Adopt A Black Dog

Ebony_DSC_3077w64Top 10 Reasons To Adopt A Black Dog

10.  Black dogs are easy to find in the snow

9.  Black dogs absorb heat – perfect for cuddling on a cold wiinter day

8.  Black dogs make you appear thinner

7.  Black dogs excel at night time games of hide and seek

6.  Black dogs never look dirty

5.  Black goes with everything, and always coordinate with your outfit

4.  Black dogs look presentable on any formal occasion

3.  Black is a combination of every color in the spectrum, so you actually have a dog who is blue, green, red, etc.

2.  Black dog hair is invisible when stuck to your good black wool coat

And the #1 reason to adopt a black dog…

A black dog is just as loving, loyal and trustworthy as a white, brown or yellow dog!

Interested in adopting a beautiful black GSP Mix? Learn more about Ebony here.

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