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Ebony’s 2 Week Anniversary!

Ebony 03  w64As they celebrate Ebony’s 2 week anniversary in their home, foster parents Sharon and Michael sent us an update on Ebony. Because Ebony hadn’t been in a home for a long time, there was a little concern over how she’d adjust once in a foster home.

Foster mom Sharon put us at ease when she wrote: “Our concerns regarding Ebony’s “house skills” were for naught…she has not had one “accident” in the house since her arrival two weeks ago!  She sleeps soundly in her crate in the office all night and has not had an “accident” there either.  She settled in immediately as a member of the family and spends part of her days and evenings going from pillow to pillow (5 of them – the TV room, eating area outside the kitchen, back yard patio, side patio and dog house/kennel)! After roaming the property with Michael or playing catch with a tennis ball during the day, she is perfectly content to curl up and watch TV with us in the evening.  She walks very nicely on a leash, and we’re working on obedience commands.  This week we’ll take her to the park for her first outing (other than Saturday training at the Rescue). And we may be prejudiced, but we think she’s beautiful!  Stay tuned for progress reports!”

We thank Sharon and Michael for the training and love they are providing Ebony so that she can find her forever home. If you’d be interested in meeting this beautiful and awesome adult dog, please complete our adoption application here.

Learn more about Ebony’s journey here.


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