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Elvis is Adopted!

Elvis the king Dog GSP Blind adopt RescueElvis is adopted, and this was one adoption that took us completely by surprise!

When Daniel and Tina applied to adopt a dog, we had a few requirements to meet, as they had two dogs, two young children, two cats and some chickens, so we had to match them with a dog that did well with other dogs, cats, chickens and children.  While GSP’s are very versatile, they are still very prey driven hunting dogs, so sometimes finding a GSP that can co-habitate with a cat harmoniously and to stay away from the chickens can be a bit of a challenge.

As an active family, they wanted a young dog for their family, so we decided to introduce them to a very playful 5 month old female that we thought would be the perfect fit, and had them come out with their two dogs to meet her.  During the meeting, one of their dogs wasn’t really connecting with the young dog we brought out, so they weren’t sure if she would be a good fit, so our volunteer that was working with them had an idea.  He brought out another playful dog to see if their dog would play with him.  He brought out Elvis, a 6 month old blind pup, and there was an instant connection. The dogs played together beautifully, and well, Daniel and his family fell in love with him.

After going home and doing some research about acclimating a blind dog into their home, there was no doubt in their minds that they wanted Elvis to join their family.  They spent the next week preparing their home for his arrival, and came out to make it official and take Elvis home.

They have since renamed him Wonder, and we recently received an update from Daniel that we couldn’t wait to share with you.

“Wonder is so AWESOME. He’s fit into our family successfully. Ro and Dulce dogs play with him a lot and the cats have figured out how to avoid a blind dog. Tina and I take him trail running ALL the time. We got him a 20 foot leash and a harness and he flies down the trails. He’s got the back yard down and guests can’t even tell which dog can’t see. He’s good in his crate when we go away and when he’s finally ready to sleep, he’s such a cuddler. He’s a great sitter, is learning to lay down, responds to whoa and can actually play fetch with balls! He blows my mind everyday”.

We couldn’t be happier for Daniel and Tina and their family, and are so grateful to them for appreciating what a special GSP Elvis is, looking beyond his ability to see, and just as Elvis does, they saw with their hearts.

Watch our Facebook page today for some photos of Wonder in his new home.

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