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Elvis is Safe!

Elvis A1145672Recently we learned of a GSP at a local shelter that was rescue only. When we inquired about why he was rescue only, and we were told it was because they thought he might be blind. Uncommon but not unheard of, California GSP Rescue has placed a few blind dogs.

We asked the shelter if the GSP was an owner relinquishment and were told that he was found as a stray. Really?!? After spending just a little bit of time with the GSP, the story of him being lost seems a little hard to believe. Had he left his yard he couldn’t have wandered too far from his home. If he had, his chances of being hit by a car would have been substantial. What kind of person relinquishes their dog to a kill shelter that has a disability that will make it difficult if not impossible for the shelter to adopt?!? Maybe it was someone looking to avoid the re-homing fee or perhaps afraid of being humiliated by another visitor to the shelter at the same time. There are very few visitors to the shelter willing to adopt a dog knowing that they will be needing to pay for additional medical care. Fortunately for Elvis, California GSP Rescue has the support of individuals that know we don’t waste any donations we receive, and use them to help make sure the dogs receive all the medical attention they need.

As you may know by now, California GSP Rescue didn’t hesitate once we saw Elvis. He has been rescued, and has already seen Dr Kang who confirmed his optical nerves look good but said we should consult with a specialist. An appointment has been made to see an ophthalmologist to learn more.

One thing we do know, Elvis is nothing less than amazing. Everyone that has met him so far has fallen for this boy. While he may have issues seeing, you would never know by watching him playing with other dogs or showing affection to whoever he meets that will give him pets. California GSP Rescue is happy to announce Elvis is safe!

If you would like to help Elvis, we have provided a donation button below. Any donations collected will go to help pay medical expenses for Elvis. Any amount you can afford to give is greatly appreciated!

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