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Emma Is Adopted!

Emma is adopted, and a long way from where her journey began. Emma was picked up as a stray, and taken to a local shelter. She waited at the shelter for her family to come and get her, but no one came. We were alerted about Emma and monitored her status, but also thinking that someone surely would adopt this adorable 5 month old pointer mix pup. When no one showed interest in her, we sent one of our volunteers over to pick her up.

Cara and Glenn submitted an application for a GSP in the age range of 2 to 4 years old. They weren’t interested in a 5 month old puppy, but wanted a dog to grow up with their girls.  They were open to a mix, and wanted a dog that would be friendly with other dogs and be good with people, and were open to a male or female. Cara and Glenn had Weimaraner’s so they were familiar with the energy of the GSP, as they are very similar, and were aware of the exercise and training these dogs need, and were prepared to do so as a family.

Knowing their experience and their active lifestyle, we went ahead and asked them if there was a chance they might be interested in a little younger dog, like a 5 month old puppy that was a mix. They were open to learning more about her, and once they saw Emma, they immediately made plans to come out and meet her. 

Emma now Georgie has found her forever family with Cara and Glenn and their two girls!  We hope to receive some updates and photos of Georgie growing up, and when we do, we will share them with you!

Have a happy life Georgie!


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