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Family looking to find home for their 2 yr old – courtesy post

California GSP Rescue was recently contacted by a family that had decided to keep their 7 year old GSP but wanted help re-homing their 2 year old daughter. They are an active family and their 2 year old has problems keeping up and demands to be carried when they go hiking or on long walks. Not the GSP – he loves hiking with long walks in between. While their daughter has just entered the terrible twos and has yet to be potty trained, they’re happy to have a GSP pass the puppy stage that is house trained and doesn’t chew. Their GSP is content napping on his bed while their 2 year old refuses to take naps and tends to get very irritable before falling asleep usually while refusing to eat her lunch. Oh, by the way, her favorite snack is string cheese and she loves anything Elmo related.

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