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How long is the adoption process?

The adoption process can take anywhere from one week to three weeks depending on a couple of factors – the type of dog that you are looking for and your knowledge of the breed. The process can take a little longer if you are looking to adopt a younger GSP (since these are typically more in demand). Applicants who can demonstrate that they are thoroughly familiar with the breed, or who are previous or current GSP owners, can generally be processed more quickly. If you haven’t owned a GSP and are not familiar with the breed, we encourage you to explore this and other websites or books to learn as much as you can about the breed prior to submitting an application.

Why do I have to submit an application if I just want to rescue a GSP?

The application begins the adoption process and provides the necessary information so that we can better evaluate your situation and give you a choice of the best candidates suited for your home. It is our goal to find permanent homes for all the GSPs that we rescue. Every GSP is evaluated before placement, and no dog is placed with an applicant if in our judgment the applicant will likely be unable to provide the necessary care and training for that particular dog. It is our experience that problems do arise by placing a GSP without this screening process. Our adoption process has evolved to avoid these problems.

What is the cost to adopt a GSP?

Adoption donations are as follows:

$400: Puppies (under 1 year old)
$300: Adults age 1-10 years
$250: Seniors age 10+ years

Your donation covers most of the expenses associated with rescuing an individual dog—including shelter fees, spaying/neutering, rabies certificate, microchip, transportation costs, tick/flea preventative, and food–but do not cover additional expenses such as unexpected veterinary care. The actual costs of rescuing a given GSP often greatly exceed the average donation, and the rescue relies on fund-raising and donations from supporters to cover these additional expenses.

Do I get to pick the dog I want?

We will select to show to a qualified applicant only those dogs who (based on our experience) are most likely to fit into that particular applicant’s home. Those applicants who are more familiar with GSPs and who are more experienced dog handlers can expect to be shown more candidates. This is because each individual GSP will vary in the amount of attention or training it will need, which in some cases may be more than a particular applicant may be able to give. We want our adoptions to be successful, and we try to avoid placements that result in the adopter feeling overwhelmed and ending with the dog being returned to the rescue. While we attempt to provide every adopter with continued support, advice, and training opportunities at the rescue, we emphasize that it is important that you be aware of your own capabilities and honest with your application and throughout the process.

What are the hours of the rescue and how do I get there?

All dogs are seen by appointment only. Appointments are made to qualified adopters only after an application has been submitted and approved. If you would like to simply meet some of the GSPs, we invite you to visit one of the adoption events that we attend throughout the year.

Can you take my dog?

Why do you need to find a home for your dog? If it is a training issue, we can offer experienced advice on how to deal with common problems that GSPs exhibit. If the reason for finding your dog a home is something more serious, we are more than happy to help place your dog in a GSP-suitable home. However, we are a rescue and not a sanctuary. We can list your GSP on our website until a foster or permanent home can be found. Please complete the Rehoming Questionnaire if you wish to list your dog on the website.

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