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Flash and Sir Winston are Adopted!

flash_adoptionFlash and Sir Winston Find Their Forever Home! Steve and Cori adopted a sweet and mellow GSP four years ago named Donner. Unfortunately, he recently passed and they were looking for another, and this time, a younger GSP. They met Sir Winston and loved this young dogs’ big energy. As runners, they would also be able to keep him well-exercised. Although they would have liked to take two (or more!) dogs home that day, they took Sir Winston – now Gus – home to let him settle in. “Settle”, however, didn’t seem to be a word Gus knew! He has tons of energy!

After attending this summer’s Rescue Reunion with Gus, they wrote to tell us, “Its really amazing how much energy he has. He spent the three hours at the reunion trotting or sprinting around the paddock… non-stop without rest. We took him to the beach on the way home and he played for another hour with our friend’s dog (until their dog was exhausted). We took him home for a five mile run and after all that… he ran laps in the backyard.” They’ve also told us they think Gus has them in training for a “double marathon”!

Fast forward a bit and our search for a second dog for Cori and Steve seemed to be over. Flash was relinquished by his owner and he seemed to have the right amount of energy and play to fit right in with Gus, Cori and Steve. Flash’s foster dad brought him to the rescue to meet them, and remarked, “you are going to adopt this dog” as he was pretty sure they, and Gus, would love him! Flash is now Fritz and loving life with his big brother and new family! The boys play almost non-stop and that helps to wear them out. Steve and Cori still take them running to help them get rid of their overabundance of energy, too.

With their new family’s guidance, the dogs are learning new commands and that they need to settle down inside the house – that playing is for outside! The younger Fritz has even taught Gus to like his crate! They spend their days, “in typical GSP fashion move around at a 100mph until one of us sits on the couch, then its snuggle time.”  Gus and Fritz are home for good with a family just perfect for them!

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