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Floyd gets adopted!

Floyd recently went to his forever home with Paul. Floyd is now Huckleberry and is nicknamed Huck. Paul reports “Huck seems to really enjoy being around me, and once we’re both inside everything calms down. He seems to enjoy laying in his crate while I’m in the room. That’s definitely when he’s most at ease. He also has a new stuffed duck toy (“Ducky”) that he has taken quite a liking to. We went running this morning and his leash training is coming along well. He responds well to correction, and by the end of the run he was heeling nicely.”

Before adopting Huck, Paul worked with Huck during our weekly training. He asked Huck to sit multiple times and Huck pretended not to know how this command. After training, when Paul had a treat in his hands, Huck sat immediately on command. Huck is smarter than he let on originally and this made us smile.

Paul is a wonderful experienced dog owner that could see that Huck was a great dog that needed a person to come along, teach him some basic commands, and give hime the love and exercise he needs. We are always thankful for adopters such as Paul.

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