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Foster or Adopt: George and Gracie are waiting

George and Gracie need a home. George and Gracie deserve a home. They were attentive companions and hunting buddies to their owner, and have been constant companions to each other for over 13 years.

From the moment they came to the rescue, we knew we had to find a home where they could stay together. Even as dependent as they are on each other, they are both attentive and loving to every volunteer and visitor they see. They were not given up because they are old, or sick, or bad dogs – they lost their home when their owner went to jail. Circumstances he never dreamed of, and they don’t understand.

Visitors and volunteers are always amazed at George and Gracie. They are affectionate and active. George loves to hunt and search through the play field, while Gracie makes it a point to get a pet from every visitor, sitting patiently and waiting for a pet – but barking if you wait too long! When George is done hunting, he comes looking for a few pets of his own, and then curls up under a tree for a nap. Gracie trots over to check on him in between her visiting.

In the shape they are in, they could easily have two, three, or more years left – and they certainly have plenty of love to give. Watching them will make you chuckle. Taking them into your home will make you feel good every day.  If you think you may be able to foster or adopt this adorable pair, please fill out this application. George and Gracie are patiently waiting.

George and Gracie are distinguished members of the Golden Paw Program. Learn more about George and Gracie.



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