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Fostering Boopsie

We have been priveleged to foster a couple of dogs this past year.  Boopsie has been no exception to that great privilege.  While it takes time from our schedule and much effort to acclimate a dog to our lives, the reward has been tenfold.  We talk about the great transformation Boopsie has made over the last couple of months.  She was very stressed coming from a kennel-type environment and being such a highly sensitive GSP.  When she first came to us she was fear dominant with our dogs.  When visitors came over she would hide outside and wait for them to leave.

If you saw Boopsie today versus that first few days you would not recognize her as the same dog!  She is the first of our dogs to run to a visitor for pets and attention.  She is first in line when we walk in the door to get pets and attention from us.  She lives with our dogs without issue.  The transformation a dog can make with a loving and structured home , taking both time and a piece of your heart when they leave, has been one of the greatest gifts our family received in 2011.

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