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Freddy Is Adopted!

Freddy found himself at a local shelter. We believe Freddy may have had a pretty rough life prior to ending up there. He had callouses and a skin condition. The vet felt the skin condition was caused by a wet and unclean environment. At the shelter, Freddy was a little fearful of some people as well. We aren’t sure what his life looked like before the CA GSP Rescue, but we are dedicated to helping Freddy find someone that will show Freddy what it is to be pampered! And that we did.

Jim was looking for an older dog. In his words on his application, he said “Older dogs are a bit easier to handle, plus they deserve to live out their years out in an open yard and enjoy a healthy breakfast, morning activities, walks, naps, more walks, naps and indoor activities to keep him busy until bedtime.” Well that sounded like the dream home for Freddy.

Jim had come out to one of our waterpark fundraising events and met Freddy. He was smitten, and wanted to know more about him so he submitted an application. Jim had several GSP’s in the past and was looking to add another to his family. He had another dog, GG, a Terrier mix who got along with other dogs, and came out to the rescue to meet Freddy and see how he and GG got along. Everything went very well, and Freddy found his forever home! And boy, did he hit the jackpot!

We have received some wonderful updates from Jim that we wanted to share with you.

“Freddy now Freddie is doing great as he has settled in to his new home.

Since we have had GSP’s in the past, we know that this is a high-energy, high intensity and very intelligent breed and Freddie has shown all these traits (especially the intelligence portion as he is one smart dog!!!).

First, as Freddie was adopting to a new situation (as well as us), we established a daily routine (with some flexibility) of which he has settled in very nicely. First, Freddie and myself go on at least 2 walks a day (morning and afternoon of which he does remind us that it is time for this!) at a local park of which he does chase squirrels, point birds (fascinated by sea gulls), meet other dogs (he knows his social graces) and receives treats from other dog owners (such a ham!) and greets small kids who are curious about him (and he responds very nicely). The feedback about Freddie has been fantastic as he is one of the park’s most favorite dogs. After walks, he does eat his meals (breakfast and dinner) and then, flops in his basket (or on my bed) for a nap. Also, he knows how to use a “doggy-door” and he is house-broken (as he has never had an accident in the house).

Second, we do go to a couple of local dog parks about once a week of which I let him go “off-leash” so he can wander around and socialize (if he elects to do so) but keeps his nose to the ground sniffing out all those good smells (as he is “prey driven” as he has flushed out a bunny rabbit out of some tumbleweeds as well as chasing squirrels and lizards in and out of some rocks) plus, he will go “on point” by pointing at pigeons in a parking lot. Finally, as we feed 3 feral cats as well, he does keep them in line as well.

Third, we have taken Freddie to various locations (where dogs are allowed) such as a food bank run by a local church (as we donate backyard grapefruit plus some other food items to people in need and when he is with us, he does draw a crowd (of which he relishes being the “center of attention”) and conducts himself in a calm manner with poise and grace. From this, we describe his story and how we adopted him and from this, just about everybody falls in love with him. Furthermore, I have taken him to my Gun Club(s) and from these trips, he is not “Gun-shy” as when he hears a shotgun go off, he wants to chase (and fetch) birds so he most likely had some bird training in the past.

Fourth, after some consultation with his vet (and others), we elected to put him on a Chicken and White Rice diet (from JustFood for Dogs) and from this, he is starting to round out quite nicely and also supplement his diet with some fresh fruit (apples, pears, berries etc.) so that his coat is is looking good. Also, we have added supplements such as “DinoVite” and “Dasuquin” to his meals which is enhancing his overall health (as now shows a “bounce” when he walks plus he can jump and makes it looks effortless). Furthermore, he has an excellent vet which keeps regular tabs on him.

Finally, when we bring a new dog home, our goal is to show the dog that (1) he is wanted, (2) he is cared for and most importantly, (3) he is loved. By giving this to Freddie, he has given us more back than we thought (and then some) and from this, he is a “Top Dog” in our hearts forever.

Therefore, thank you for all you have done for Freddie and allowing us the opportunity to provide a home for this great dog”.

Take care.


Interested in adopting a great dog like Freddy?  Here’s some information about how this whole thing works!

First, every adoption starts with an APPLICATION. The application helps us set you up with the right adoption volunteer and helps us keep track of you as we go through the process. The more complete your application, the faster we can get in touch with you.

Next, you will receive an email from your adoption counselor – so please keep an eye on your email, and your spam, for that first contact.

After that call, the work begins. The adoption counselor will take a look at all of the dogs we have to find one that might fit well with your family, your animals, and your life-style. Keep in mind, not every dog we have is on the website!  It takes a lot of time to get the dogs listed, and sometimes there is a perfect home before that happens!

What happens if there is not a good match after your call? Your adoption counselor keeps looking as new dogs come in. Very often, adoptions happen within a few weeks of applying. Sometimes it is quite a bit more time until that perfect dog comes in.

And if you aren’t quite ready to apply and adopt, you can still help “rescue” a dog by:

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