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Fun at the Dog Days

Cardiff-Dog-Days-of-Summer-Rob-Savannah-Ptarmigan-HattiePart of our mission at GSP Rescue is to educate the public about this wonderful breed. A great way to do that is at the many adoption and animal-centered street fairs in communities all over Southern California.

One such event, the Cardiff Dog Days of Summer, gave us a chance to show off two of our older adult GSPs. Hattie (in the pink tutu, of course) and Ptarmigan (sporting a camo ball cap) were joined by volunteers Rob, Amy, and Savannah to give the public a chance to meet and greet some awesome dogs.

Both Ptarmigan and Hattie gave an enthusiastic and friendly greeting to visitors of all ages and demonstrated the incredible amount of life in a GSP senior!

If you’d be interested in helping out at one of these events, please complete the volunteer application. Of course, if you’d like to bring home your very own GSP, we are accepting adoption applications daily!

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