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George and Gracie ~ A Love Story

George and Gracie are quite a pair.  Lifelong companions, they are reminiscent of an old, married couple that just seem to belong to one another.  They are both 14 years old, and came to the rescue in Spring of 2012 with their daughter Valentine after their owner could no longer care for them. The three dogs had spent their entire lives together; however, when Valentine developed health problems, she was taken in to foster care by one of our volunteers leaving George and Gracie together again.

George and Gracie are a charming and endearing couple that incite the humans they meet to quickly fall in love with them.  They were recently “interviewed” on television during the lead up to the Big Dogs Rock event in San Diego.

They are both quite active in spite of their ages and love to run and mingle in the field.  They both love attention, but Gracie is not shy about asking for that little bit of extra love, for which she is always grateful.  They are a wonderful pair that would love to spend their sunset years in a loving home, together.

If you are interested in fostering or adopting George and Gracie, please complete an application.

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