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Ginger Is Adopted!

Ginger wasn’t always safe. She was picked up as a stray, and taken to a shelter.  Very rarely are we contacted about a young dog turned into the shelter. So we were surprised when we got a call about a one year old that was found as a stray and would become available for adoption. Surely somebody would reclaim her! After her hold time was up, she was adopted at the shelter, but was shortly returned after she and one of the families smaller dog didn’t get along. Not wanting Ginger to stay at the shelter any longer than she had to, one of our volunteers went and picked her up. Lucky for us, the lady who returned her was still at the shelter so our volunteer was able to learn quite a bit about Ginger to help us place her in the right home.  And that we did…

Steven and Emma applied with us to adopt a young dog to join their family of two children and their cat. They previously had a GSP named Rudy who passed away at age 13 about 7 years prior, but not before he showed them what a loving, high energy, active and royal dog he was, making them fall in love with the breed. Their children were older by now, and they were ready to adopt another.

We had a young dog in mind for them, and presented Ginger. There were a couple of challenges. Ginger was not completely housebroken, and they had a cat. Ginger needed to pass the cat test, and we were rooting for her! She did pretty well and seemed very workable, but introductions between Ginger and the cat would need to be slow and managed properly. Helping Ginger with these challenges were something Steven and his family were committed to do. 

We invited the family out to meet Ginger, and after spending time with her, the family all agreed that she was right for them! Fast forward to today, and things are going very well! We have received a couple of updates and some adorable photos which we will share on our Facebook page

“Ginger is so lovable. She is the sweetest dog ever! She would rather stay in the house than do anything. Small potty issues but we’re working through them. She is very calm, I think it’s going to take a few weeks with the cat. Not as easy as the video. So far so good and nothing out of the ordinary. She walks well an a leash. I’m in the process of teaching her heel and whoa. So far so good”!

Thank you Steven and Emma and your family for your willingness to take on a few challenges for Ginger. In return, you got an amazing dog who is becoming even more amazing thanks to your commitment and love for her.


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